Server Rules

Here are actions you should seriously consider not doing:

  1. All forms of cheating/hacking
  2. Excessive camping and not doing objectives
  3. Abusing or harassing administrators or other players
  4. Using racist, sexist or otherwise offensive names or words
  5. Throwing flash grenades to flash team-mates on purpose

Ignorance doesn't relieve from responsibility.

Server Commands
Command Alias Description
!kick <id>   Kicks a player
!ban <id>   Bans a player
!tempban <id> !tban Bans a player (60 minutes)
!maket <id> !t Make a player terrorist
!makect <id> !ct Make a player counter-terrorist
!makespec <id> !spec Make a player spectator
!fow <fow>   Fog of war mode
!freezetime <time> !ft Freezetime in seconds
!roundtime <time> !rt Time for a round in minutes
!startmoney <money> !sm Player money after joining
!map <map>   Changes map
!password <password> !pw Set a server password
!broadcast <message> !bc Say on the chat (white color)
!live   Restart the round/game
!knife   Restart the knife round
!resetscore !rs Reset own stats on scoreboard
!specall   Make all players spectators
!lock   Lock teams
!unlock   Unlock teams
!votemap   Launch a votemap
!switch !swap Switch players teams

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