Ranked 2.7 update

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Ranked 2.7 update

Post by Quattro » Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:58 pm

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+ means fixed
--means planned updates
+kick command kicks from 1 vote, doesnt update hud
+before starting a knife mode check if there are two captains on sv before letting to start
+sub removes defusers, adds 2 pistols
+fix surrender problems (works now)
+fix !break removing weapons from ground (all dropped items appear where they were)
+allow bomb plant during pub mode (disable only at break time)
+kick idle players when server is public
+fix some public/ranked server settings
--add map vote after each match
--add clan list and clan war mode (if 5v5 available from 2 clans, start clan war)
--add !mute command (or find a way to sync with default mute)
--ability to choose skin?
--add whitelist of players
The biggest update could be a white-listed server that would solve almost all problems regarding quality of games. And there could be noobs server where all cheaters and unstable players can gather :D

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