Annual Report 2019

Hello community

The year is coming to an end and it is time to sum up the last few months with the new organisation in this forum.

Special Gratitude

First of all we call for a big shoutout to Hajt who allowed the changes to happen on his domain www.cs2d.tk. Beside, he has been working on a mixteam format that will allow us to collect data from the mixteams and publish them with a nice overview that allows us to compare players. It has definitively attracted people to play more mixteams ...

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Anonymous Interviews #1

This is the first edition of our Anonymous Interviews! In today's interview we asked 5 people what they think of the new community organisation on www.cs2d.tk? Here are their reactions!

Anonymous #1
"Well, it's never a bad thing if some people wanna start some new projects for cs2d, there hasn't really been too much activity recently anyway. I don't know that much about the whole project though, I haven't been following it that actively. The tournaments you guys wanna organize are mostly 1v1's right? I like that approach, since it's hard to find a ...

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Project CS2D 2020

Hello everyone

As few of you may have read in our discord server, I have launched a project called "Project CS2D 2020". The goal is, to bring back more activity in our cs2d community as we had over past years. The 2020 indicates that the main changes will take place in the coming year. Until then, some organisation has to take place. Luckily, Hajt agreed to use www.cs2d.tk as platform.

A first step will be to get a management team that will operate the community. Then, activity should be brought back with regular ...

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